[Theora-dev] aspect ratio ?

j at thing.net j
Wed Jul 14 06:17:14 PDT 2004

ti.aspect_numerator and ti.aspect_denominator hold the pixel aspect
ratio. cvs versions of mplayer and vlc decode this the right way.
ffmpeg2theora encodes files that use these values.

nice table on aspect ratio: http://www.mir.com/DMG/aspect.html#reftable

if ti.aspect_numerator and ti.aspect_denominator are 0 they are ignored
and no scaling is done by the players.

in mplayer the scaling is done like this:
if(sh->aspect==0.0 && context->inf.aspect_denominator!=0){
sh->aspect = (float)(context->inf.aspect_numerator * context->inf.width)/
(context->inf.aspect_denominator * context->inf.height);


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