[Theora-dev] Encoding paramaters...

Maik Merten maikmerten
Sat Jul 3 05:50:32 PDT 2004

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Message-ID: <40E6AB98.70008 at gmx.net>

illiminable wrote:
> Do the frame size parameters in theora_info have to match the values in
> yuv_buffer ?
> ie Is the idea that i can feed in a 800x600 video so the yuv values will be
> these and the values in theora_info aer say 320x240, and it will do the
> frame shrinking internally ?

I don`t know.

(I would be pleasantly surprised if it would do automatic scaling...
something like cropping seems more likely to me - if libtheora doesn`t

> Anyway... what i'm wondering is... does this multiple of 16 restriction only
> apply to the final frame sizes or also to the values in yuv_buffer... hence
> you have to pad it out.

I *think* this restriction applies to both...

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