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David Kuehling dvdkhlng
Sat Jul 3 03:57:35 PDT 2004

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>>>>> "Chilling" == Chilling Silence <Chilling_Silence at orcon.net.nz> writes:

> Ive just tried the above.. Its not up to much now that its ripped the
> audio.... theora.ogg is still empty and Ive got a 1.1gb .wav file here
> :-(

this wasn't a generic script for ripping DVDs.  i created it specially
for one dvd only.  try `man mplayer' to understand what's going on.  if
theora.ogg is empty, mplayer did exit without any decoding.  remove the
"&> /dev/null" from the end of the mplayer command line to see what went

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