[Theora-dev] Encoding paramaters...

David Kuehling dvdkhlng
Sat Jul 3 03:59:26 PDT 2004

>>>>> "illiminable" == illiminable  <ogg at illiminable.com> writes:

> I've got my encoder working now... and i put a proeprty page interface
> to allow the user to set a few encoding paramters to start off
> with... but changing the paramters doesn't seem to make barely any
> difference...

> These are the defaults i'm using...

> mTheoraInfo.keyframe_frequency=64;
> mTheoraInfo.keyframe_frequency_force=64;

Isn't a keyframe distance of 64 quite low?  I mean, lavc's mpeg4 uses
240 (ca 10s) by default.  AFAIR any keyframe distances where supposed to
work with Theora, as the DCT is 100% integer and bit-accurately

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