[theora-dev] Re: [libdv-dev] DV format patent status

Jay Sprenkle cupycake_jay at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 07:04:54 PST 2004

--- Arc Riley <arc at xiph.org> wrote:
> So you see why it's in their best interest to
> license it freely to 
> everyone.  They aren't in the business of selling
> licenses, they're in 
> the business of selling consumer/professional
> products.  And by not 
> licensing it freely they could, in the process, be
> creating the need 
> which brings about an alternative.

I hate to be the devil's advocate here  ;)
I agree with everything you said, but...

I wouldn't trust to what you think is their own
self interest. They might feel that other paths
might serve their interests better that the one
you lay out.

Look at SCO. The whole thing is completely
insane from a rational and legal point of view,
but it's served to raise their stock price immensely.

It really would be best to protect yourself as
best you can from things you can't forsee or control,
rather than trusting your intuition is correct.

Ogg and Theora are a wonderful thing. Has anybody
said "thank you" to you guys lately?

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