[theora-dev] Re: [libdv-dev] DV format patent status

Jay Sprenkle cupycake_jay at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 12:49:32 PST 2004

> IANAL, but I disagree.  If they're part of
> publishing a standard, and 
> fail to disclose patents which cover it, I believe
> the act of publishing 
> the standard w/o patent claim whereas the standards
> body makes it a 
> requirement... this should neuter any patent claim
> they later seek 
> because they are, in effect, stating that they own
> no patent which covers the work.
I was thinking of a third party claiming they
had prior art. IE. Al Gore claims he invented it
before the consortium. You check with them,
they claim no patent. You develop. Al sues
and shows a patent application at the US patent
office. You made Al a lot of money.

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