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"2.2 Picture Region An encoded video frame in Theora is required to have
a width and height that are multiples of sixteen, making an integral
number of blocks even when the chroma planes are subsampled. However,
inside a frame a smaller picture region may be defined to present
material whose dimensions are not a multiple of sixteen pixels, as shown
in Figure 2.1. The picture region can be o set from the lower-left
corner of the frame by up to 255 pixels in each direction, and may have
an arbitrary width and height, provided that it is contained entirely
within the coded frame. It is this picture region that contains the
actual video data. The portions of the frame which lie outside the
picture region may contain arbitrary image data, so the frame must be
cropped to the picture region before display. The picture region plays
no other role in the decode process, which operates on the entire video

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