[theora-dev] YUV Format

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Thu Apr 1 01:49:40 PST 2004

I posted this the other day... but it didn't get delivered...

I'm getting stuck into a theora decoder for directshow... i was just wondering if someone could give me some info.

What output format does theora use ?



Heres the list i haev to work from... could someone tell me which of these it is ?

Best i can tell it's YUV12 ?

So can someone confirm the following... each component is 8 bits.

I have an array of y data.

and it is an array [0..y_height] of arrays [0..y_width]

ie... an array of horizontal lines ?

And the uv data is an array [0..uv_height] of arrays [0..uv_width*2]

where data goes
UVUVUVUVUVUV........ (width uv_width*2 or uv_width lots of UV)
(uv_height lines)

Is this correct ? Or is the actual byte width of the UV lines actually uv_width ? ie one UV component is shared over the y components.

So if this is the yuv data from my file
Pack No  : 11
Y Width  : 352
Y Height : 288
Y Stride : -384
UV Width : 176
UV Height : 144
UV Stride : -192 

the memory allocated to the y buffer = 352 * 288
the memory allocated to the uv buffer = 176 * 2 * 144 or is it 176 * 144 ????

Thanks !


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