[theora-dev] Theora MVect not defined in coding mode 0

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Thu Apr 1 00:56:13 PST 2004

Just wondering if someone can help me out...

I'm testing the core of my decoder filter (win32)... and when i get into this function:

tatic void DecodeMVectors ( PB_INSTANCE *pbi,ogg_uint32_t SBRows,ogg_uint32_t SBCols )

The decoding mode is 0.

When it attempts to do these lines....

pbi->FragMVect[FragIndex + 1].x = MVect[1].x;pbi->FragMVect[FragIndex + 1].y = MVect[1].y;
pbi->FragMVect[FragIndex + pbi->HFragments].x = MVect[2].x;
pbi->FragMVect[FragIndex + pbi->HFragments].y = MVect[2].y;
pbi->FragMVect[FragIndex + pbi->HFragments + 1].x = MVect[3].x;
pbi->FragMVect[FragIndex + pbi->HFragments + 1].y = MVect[3].y;

my debugger starts complaining that variables are not defined (MVect[1..n])... MVect[0].x and MVect[0].y are both set to zero but all the others are undefined.

Looking back in the function, it appears there is no initialisation code path for when the decoding mode is zero.

Do these variables get ignored ? Or is this going to mess up the decode process ?

Cheers !

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