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Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Tue May 13 11:01:16 PDT 2003

hi -- (apologies in advance for any formatting problems with this post, I'm stuck on a web email app)
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From: Ralph Giles [mailto:giles at xiph.org] 
>> Thanks for the work.  I did implement a more efficient packing scheme
> for the huff trees.  I will need to check out your build with the
> multiple header packets & merge them.

>You're welcome. The merge shouldn't be too hard. We're still calling
your read_/write_QTables/FrequencyCounts() from

Cool -- there may need to be some code reorg though, since I really need the information at a different point in the process (for playback).  Right now I stick the bits in an array so I can use them later (yuck)

>> We really should get the huffman changes in there; there were some
> other things I did at that time, I need to review the code.

>I agree. Lets hold alpha 2 for those.

> I guess that's me.  Unfortunately with the change in my employment
> status at On2, I haven't put as much time into this as I would like. 
> I've gone from being paid to work on it to a volunteer status.  That
> doesn't mean it won't get done, but I can't put an exact date on it. 
> I figure about a month of reasonably consistent work will get us to a
> reasonable place for beta release.  I'm hoping to put that month in
> starting in a couple weeks, so perhaps July 1 is a reasonabe date to
> look for.

>A couple of others had mentioned interest as well. Would it help if
others contributed or would you prefer to work on your own for the
initial draft? That timescale sounds fine I think. There's lots of code
polish that can be done in the meantime which will make for a shorter

I have no objection to getting some help on the spec.  However I've taken a rather unorthodox approach to it, so it might be a bit of a frankenstein unless I can convince others of the wisdom of my ways.  If anyone wants to contribute to the spec, please mail me directly at dan at on2.com (it's still my email for now) 

>> Isn't the plan to integrate Ogg2 into this beta release?  How is that
> looking?

>...In the sense that it's a new api for multiplexing, the line is less
clear. I don't know what monty had in mind here; both libogg2 and
OggFile have been mentioned in this sense. I don't feel I have
sufficient understanding of the issues at this point to judge a good
API design for that. Hopefully experimenting with tools will help us in
this direction.

we need to get Monty's input on this issue.  I think there are some things that he really needs to address as author of the Ogg format.


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