[theora-dev] bitstream changes

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Mon May 12 16:26:40 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, March 18, 2003, at 09:40 pm, Dan Miller wrote:

> ok now I see why we need another packet in the header.  The first one 
> is basically for ID purposes (theora_decode_header()).  I've jammed my 
> huffman trees in there but it sucks because I need them later on when 
> I actually build the huffman tree structs (theora_decode_init, calls 
> InitHuffmanSet()).  At that point the original header packet is gone 
> so I've been keeping it around in a buffer.  Gross!!

This is now done, along with the vorbis-style comment header. What else 
remains? I remember some discussion about there being a better way to 
pack the tables in the third header packet. Dan, do you still want to 
do that? Have you done it already?

I'd also like to add a colourspace flag to the info header. I don't 
think that's contentious; I'm thinking of just an 8 bit field with 
three or so defined values. Is there anything else that affects the 
bitstream, particularly the headers? if not I think we can proceed with 
an alpha2 release.

The big holdup for beta is the spec. Obviously the bitstream needs to 
settle before that gets going, but maybe now is time to start. How's 
the schedule looking on that for those working on it?

Finally, I should mention for those who don't already know, we've been 
maintaining todo lists and idea pages for various xiph projects in a 
wiki. Please check out http://wiki.xiph.org/TheoraTodo and add anything 
you think is relevant.


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