[theora-dev] Re: Final Ogg 1.0 submission to IETF

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Tue Mar 4 06:12:46 PST 2003

On Tuesday, March 4, 2003, at 12:26 pm, Petr Tomasek wrote:

>>> I'm thinking of a text subtitle/transcript stream, which might only
>>> account for a few 4k pages over an hour. If you sort by granulepos 
>>> that
>>> means you have to buffer a similar fraction of an hour.
>> nope.  But we just discussed that on IRC :-)
> Could You tell us, what are the results of that discussion? I'd be 
> interested.
> Thanks!

I'm not sure this particular issue was resolved completely. Mostly we 
talked about read-ahead hints. The order-by-granulepos idea came out of 
Jack's work on midi-over-ogg, I remember understanding that, but can't 
recall the details. Maybe Jack can fill us in. I also remember talking 
about order-by-granulpos-of-previous-page too, but that's not what 
oggmerge does.

So, either I was stupid and missed something, or we have two 
alternatives. One is that wildly-low-bitrate streams are an exception 
to the ordering. The other is that (monty confirmed) itty-bitty pages 
aren't expensive, so we can sprinkle the transcript packets throughout 
the stream, sized to match the latency of the a/v streams.


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