[theora-dev] FW: 3274253-docked On2 movies don't draw the video frame

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Tue Jun 17 23:32:38 PDT 2003

this just in --

who can take it? (Mau??)  I have no access to a Mac to even test the bug right now..

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Hi Dan,

The following issue was reported while a new software/hardware release was being tested. After regression testing it is believed that it originates with your product, and is therefore being forwarded to you. 

We would like to request that you assist us in the resolution of this issue. Please confirm that you have received this report and if possible, send us any information you may have regarding the resolution of this issue (e.g. you are working on this issue, you have a fix, etc.). 

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Docked On2 movies don't draw the video frame.  Occurs in QuickTime 6.3 and QuickTime 6.4. 

1. Open test file (which can be downloaded from the following FTP site):
FTP Server: 
User Name:  custserv 
Password:     buddyg 

2. when prompted to install the on2 component, do so
3. close and re-open the test file
4. When the movie has started playing, double click the bar or click the yellow button to minimize the window

The video draws transparent until you undock the movie. 

10.2.6/QT 6.3 GM

any On2 playback crashes on this config: 10.2.6/QT 6.3 (Crashlogs attached)

I should also point out that the problem is not specific to the particular file (available at the FTP site).  It happens with any on2-compressed movie. 
This is an On2 bug: they need to fill the alpha channel of 32-bit pixels with 0xFF, not 0x00. 

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