[theora-dev] VP3 for xine 1.0-beta4

Mike Melanson melanson at pcisys.net
Wed Jan 29 21:07:12 PST 2003

        Some of you may recall that I got the VP3 decoder working with the
xine multimedia player some time ago and posted a patch for anyone else
to try. I really messed up when I did that since I generated the patch
against some random CVS snapshot of xine-lib. I did better this time and
generated the patch against the latest release of xine-lib (1.0-beta4,
released today).

        If you would like to try this out:

* go to http://xinehq.de
* download xine-lib-1-beta4.tar.gz
* unpack xine-lib:
  'tar zxvf xine-lib-1-beta4.tar.gz'
  cd xine-lib-1-beta4
* download the decoder patch at:
* bunzip it:
  'bunzip2 xine-1b4-vp3-decoder.patch.bz2'
* apply the patch:
  'patch -p1 < xine-1b4-vp3-decoder.patch'
* run autogen.sh:
* make and install:
  'make; make install'

That installs xine-lib. You also need a frontend. If you do not already
have xine installed on your system, grab the latest release of xine-ui.
Unpack it and run your standard './configure; make; make install'

        Then aim xine at a VP3 file:
  'xine <some-vp3-file.ext>'
Note that xine probably is not able to cope with Ogg-encapsulated VP3 yet.
However, it will play your VP3-encoded AVI and QT files. Additionally, if
you have the QT codecs installed, you will be able to play the QDM2 audio
in a QT file.

        Developers always ask me why I do not just commit the code to
xine-lib CVS. 2 big reasons: First, I do not like the look of the VP3
codebase. It is kind of a mess and I do not want to just dump it into
xine. Second, I would like to see VP3 adapted into ffmpeg's libavcodec
(ffmpeg.sf.net) which is a common library between xine and MPlayer, 2
popular open source multimedia players.

        Have fun...

	-Mike Melanson

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