[theora-dev] Well, it's something at least...

emaillist+ot at dogphilosophy.net emaillist+ot at dogphilosophy.net
Tue Jan 14 21:42:36 PST 2003

Quick update - though not mentioned on the mailing lists anywhere
until now, it looks like yesterday sometime, someone posted a "test suite" of
datafiles to play with on the main page of www.theora.org ...but after all
this time, I seem to have developed a problem with my Theora Alpha 1 build.

First, somehow there appears to be a "/opt/kde/lib/libartsc.so" that
gets added to the compile for player_example.  This seems to be causing
a strange "player_example: no such file or directory" problem trying to run
it (manually re-typing the compile line without the reference to libartsc.so
got me an otherwise-running player_example).

Now, however, the example hangs trying to open /dev/dsp as it starts up.

Could this be a libartsc.a issue?  The current version of
arts from kde cvs doesn't seem to create a libartsc.a when you
"--enable-static".  If so, with KDE 3.1 coming out Any Day Now
this might be something that needs to be addressed in the elusive
Theora Alpha 2 that has been rumored to exist at some point...

(Just confirmed this may be an issue - restarting in twm it runs with sound 
just fine...though the picture is messed up on my system...[strange, regular, 
static blue pattern flickering through the otherwise-recognizable picture in
the test.ogg file])

So...anything I can do to debug this so's Alpha 2 will work for me when it
gets released (and any ideas when it might actually be released?)  I ASSUME
the video artifacts have something to do with my current version of XFree86 (I
was on an older version prior to this).  I'm on a Rage 128 card if that makes
a difference (but [whine...] it was working 4 months ago...)
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