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Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Mon Jan 6 05:50:27 PST 2003

At this point, my understanding is as follows.  Monty has the final word but I believe this is his intention:

* Theora is a video codec.  It is a modification of VP3.  Presently it is assumed that Theora will be a superset of VP3; ie, VP3 streams can, with a  little header magic, be losslessly transcoded into Theora streams.  However, we expect future versions of Theora to diverge significantly from VP3 in order to remain competitive.

* Theora is being developed as an OGG stream type.  It is on exactly the same level as Vorbis.  (confusion may have arisen because we developed a new website, www.theora.org.  However, this is consistent with Xiph practice: note that there is a current www.vorbis.com website, which is _not_ just a link to xiph.org.  I believe theora.com was registered to some domain shop, so screw them, we don't need no stinking dot-COM's!).

* Because this is the first serious attempt to integrate a mature video codec into OGG, various things about OGG needed tweaking.  That is what Monty is working on as we speak (so I hear).  When he comes up for air, the belief is that we will have a nicely fleshed out architecture whereby audio & video can live happily ever after.  YMMV.

* Theora has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Tarkin, except for the fact that they are both video codecs and are both graced by the Xiph.  When Tarkin matures, I would expect it to derive the benefits of the work we have done to make video operate sensibly within OGG.

* As for all this MIME type stuff, I personally have little to add, however I am curious about the process and the eventual decision.  It appears that the only active proposal on the table so far is the one asking for application/ogg.  If that is not sufficient, I suppose we should get actively involved in the IETF process immediately.  I would appreciate some pointers on how to do that.





On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 06:09:50AM +1100, Silvia.Pfeiffer at csiro.au wrote:
>     Ogg Theora multiplexes a Vorbis-encoded audio
>     bitstream and a VP3-encoded video bitstream in a single
>     physical Ogg bitstream.

Let's get a response back from Monty on this.. it's been my impression
that a Theora bitstream and a Vorbis bitstream will co-exist within Ogg,
not Theora encapsulating/multiplexing Vorbis + VP3.  Plus, AFAIK,
changes are being made to VP3 so it's not exactly Ogg VP3, either.

I'm not positive on that one, so I'd really like to hear it from him or
someone else that's been working closely with the theora development.

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