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Arc arc at indymedia.org
Thu Jan 2 23:51:02 PST 2003

This is being made *FAR* too complicated.


That's all we need.  You don't go out and register application/zip-exe
and application/zip-jpeg etc.. that'd be pretty rediculous.

Ogg is the format.  It doesn't matter what it contains, it's still the
format.  Yes, there's going to be some things that cant open certain
things, such as xmms may not be able to open theora streams.  Heck, it
may not be able to open Flak, and let us not forget about squish!

Most users will never need this complexity.  If they do then yes, we'll
have to have some sort of program that has a list of applications along
with the codecs they support and which ones are prefered for which
codecs (ie, vorbis-only open xmms).  It would be small and trivial.  As
an alternative prehaps there could be a media player that supported
everything... or atleast enough so that nobody would notice if one codec
was missing.

However, if we start doing a codec-based mimetype its going to get
really big really fast.  This isn't about "theora+vorbis"... this tech
is just now starting to be realised that we could, seriously, have a
movie encoded with different languages, a vorbis soundtrack, and speex
voiceovers for different languages.  And what about when the movie uses
flax instead of vorbis, or uses some lossless video format instead of

Applications that can interpret Ogg's can read the files.  It can see
what codecs are used, and even do stuff like remove them from the stream
without having to understand how to read the codec.

I would prefer to see our time spent to atleast first get
application/ogg official, and prehaps get audio/scpls for .pls
playlists (vs audio/x-scpls).  Then let the geeks play, and if we need
other mimetypes down the road let us first experiment with a x- type and
then register it.  

We've been using application/x-ogg for awile, it seems to work, let's
get it registered and debate the rest down the road as this whole thing
plays out.  

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