[theora-dev] RE: [vorbis-dev] File extensions

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Mon Jan 13 08:59:27 PST 2003

jeez, Outlook sucks.  AS I was saying:

> I would make exactly one exception to this rule: we should 
> define .ogv for any OGG file with a video stream.  It should also be a separate MIME type, application/ogv.  The thinking is this: it is reasonable for an application to be focused on playing audio only or video and audio synchronized.  It is unreasonable to expect an audio player to play video.  Therefore it would make sense to have a different MIME type for these two types of applications, and a different extension (for the same reason when the files sit on your hard drive).

I think in general it seems to make the most sense to have a one-to-one mapping of extensions to MIME types (for application/ types at least).  They pretty much serve the same purpose: to decide which application is capable of handling the file or http stream.  An http stream is just a file on the server.

It's always possible for a user to map multiple MIME types to the same application; but if there is only one MIME type, they have to set it to just one application.

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