[theora-dev] Update on IETF Internet-Drafts

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Sun Jan 12 20:57:39 PST 2003

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 10:35:30PM -0600, Ralph Giles wrote:
> I'd rather go with rough consensus and working code. Your suggestion is 
> the only reasoned distinction I've heard, so I think we should go with 
> theora for the codec alone.

I think there is some mis-understanding.

In the current draft of the Ogg RFC there is a statement that says that
"Theora" is an Ogg codec which consists of a Vorbis bitstream
multiplexed with a VP3 video layer.  I believe this to be incorrect and
thus in need of editing, as it would serve as a better example if it
said that Theora is a video codec which can be grouped with a Vorbis 
stream for an Ogg containing synced audio and video.

I believe that Ogg should be Ogg, that it should be application/ogg, and
that this format should be promoted.  It's like Quicktime.. nobody knows
much about the codecs, they know about Quicktime and they know they need
a Quicktime player to view/listen to content in Quicktime.  Codecs are
seen as plugins or modules to those players, nothing more really.

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