[vorbis-dev] Re: [theora-dev] Re: Ogg Internet Drafts - create application/ogg-vorbis, application/ogg-tarkin, etc.

Kevin Marks kmarks at apple.com
Thu Jan 2 18:09:49 PST 2003

On Friday, January 3, 2003, at 04:49 AM, Silvia.Pfeiffer at csiro.au wrote:

> 1) "application/ogg":
> On the one hand, we should have the generic MIME type "application/ogg"
> and the generic file extension ".ogg" for anything that uses the Ogg
> container format. I guess for the moment there is no generic 
> application
> that can handle all existing defined ogg media mappings (such as
> ogg-speex, ogg-vorbis, ogg-theora). But that can of course be built and
> then we are on a line with Quicktime, Microsoft media player and
> RealPlayer.
> Those three by the way can understand several MIME types, e.g. 
> Quicktime
> understands "video/quicktime" but also things like "audio/aiff",
> "audio/wav", "audio/midi", "video/avi", "audio/mpeg", and "video/mpeg".
> One word of caution here, though: while those three each try to 
> dominate
> the market with their application and do not want others to use their
> container format, Ogg is open and many people have started picking up
> the Ogg container format for their encoding format by only having to
> define a media mapping. Therefore, it will be difficult to maintain a
> generic application that will be able to interprete any random Ogg 
> file,
> because the Ogg container by itself does not know what kind of data it
> carries.

Silvia, this is wildly wrong. QT really wants lots of people to use 
it's container format. That's why it is open and freely licensable. 
Even MS are allowing licensing of asf now.

The reason QT accepts those MIME type is that it can import the 
respective file formats and create a QT Movie that references the 
source files.

Far from trying to dominate the market with our application, Apple 
gives away a full SDK with sample code for you build your own playback 
and editing applications with QT.

Being able to parse the container format, and having codecs available 
to play back the contents are separate problems, and spawning MIME 
types for every codec variation is going to be very messy.

You should define your MIME types by application domain, not by 
encoding format 

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