[theora-dev] Ogg MIME types scheme

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Fri Feb 14 04:15:56 PST 2003

On Friday, February 14, 2003, at 06:47 am, Arc wrote:

> So, just to confirm, we will be able to take this footage and convert 
> it
> to Ogg Theora down the road right?  This is pretty important to us, to
> be able to archive all this video patent-free without having to
> transcode it down the road..

Erm, I'm not sure what you mean by 'convert'. If you have the original 
footage, you can always re-encode it when better codec technology 
becomes available. Theora, vp32, mpeg, etc. are all lossy distribution 
formats; you don't 'convert' from one to the other, you create new 
versions from higher-quality masters. You must save your original tapes 
or at least the master edit.

If you're asking whether the eventual theora codec will be able to play 
vp32 video, I think that's an open question. Probably, but not 
necessarily. With vorbis we were very careful to maintain backward 
compatibility over development, but I've not seen a similar statement 
from Monty on theora. Of course, vp32 is now open source and patent 
free, so there's no need to worry in that sense.

Exciting news, though! It's great to have some of the indymedia groups 
adopting libre distribution formats. I look forward to seeing it.


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