[theora-dev] Theora streaming

Guenter Bartsch bartscgr at web.de
Thu Feb 27 12:00:30 PST 2003

hallo arc,

> Ogg supports chaining different bitstreams together, this is apparently
> exactly what Icecast2 does.  It plays one stream, receives an EOS (end
> of stream), then the next packet is a BOS for the next stream.

i see

> In Ogg Theora you have a Theora and Vorbis bitstream

what about having more than one audio stream in the bitstream (e.g.
multiple sound tracks) ? Some ogg (so-called ogm) files feature that
even today. 

> their BOS packets
> for each stream are one after another, the EOS for each are one after
> another, and at that point the file can either end or a new set of
> bistreams can begin.

you mean that all streams have to end at that point - what happens if
one stream continues and another one ends - is this just illegal?

thanks for your explanations


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