[theora-dev] What sort of math i required?

Martin Jeppesen erivy7302 at sneakemail.com
Sun Dec 7 13:02:24 PST 2003

> Yes, the MDCT is a big part of both Theora and Vorbis. Information theory is the basis of all
> compression technology so you should be familiar with that as well. Linear algebra is a useful way
> of thinking about what can be done and how to do it. Pretty much all compression technology
> amounts to 'transform the data to concentrate non-randomness, then efficiently entropy-code that'.

Do you know where I can read about entropy-coding? I have searched Google and found this presentation,
which is very illustrative with examples:


But I can hardly learn from that.

> Other helpful things are anything to do with signal processing and spectral theory, Green's
> functions. Wavelets too, although they're not currently used in the vorbis or theora designs. And
> general applied scientific and computing maths courses can be good. (Depending on the curriculum;
> they can also be really dumb.)
Wavelets you say? I have choosen a course on wavelets next semester. It have rumours of being tough. The book that I have bought for the course is "A First Course on Wavelets" ISBN 0-8493-8274-2. Do you think I will be able to use this knowledge to code compression algorithms?

Using Green's funtions and wavelets; will that give a better preformance/size than Theora have now? And if so, is it considered to be used later on?



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