[[theora-dev] Compile error in CVS, entry for a FAQ somewhere,place for test/comparison files to be uploaded?]

Mauricio Piacentini mauricio at tabuleiro.com
Sat Aug 16 09:05:11 PDT 2003

Actually Dan, it was moved to the examples folder. And it builds on Linux,
at least I can build it on my distribution. You have to build and install
portaudio first, of course, which is apparently the step that the poster was

But I am not sure about the autoconf scripts and if they are detecting the
libraries correctly, sorry. Ralph is the one that edited them, as my
knowledge of autotools is limited at best. I have not built the linux stuff
in the next month or so, but last time I tried it was still working fine. It
surely looks fine to me: when you build and install portaudio it should
produce the following libraries in /usr/local/lib


It will also install the portaudio.h headers to /usr/local/include.


<p>> >Also, 'portaudio' doesn't appear to produce a static library at all, so
> doesn't appear to be possible to get a working splayer executable on Linux
> unless there is a 'hidden' way to get the portaudio distribution to build
> ("ldd: -lportaudio not found").
> I believe splayer is only intended to be a Win32 executable.  Note that it
is in a directory
> labelled "experimental".

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