[theora-dev] Compile error in CVS, entry for a FAQ somewhere, place for test/comparison files to be uploaded?

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Tue Aug 12 09:47:08 PDT 2003

The first error in CVS - fairly minor - is in the docs section:
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/temp/oggstuff/theora/doc'
python txt2py.py spec.txt spec.py
python txt2html.py spec.txt spec.html
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `testspec.raw', needed by `all-am'.  Stop.

I can "make -k" and get past it, though.

However, there's an inobvious problem in the player_example and splayer

Both appear to absolutely depend on static versions of all of the
relevant libraries, but there is nothing to indicate this anywhere.
I got past the "unable to find -lartsc" once I realized I needed
to completely make distclean and re-configure and compile arts to get
libartsc.a.  Afterwards, though, player_example seems to compile fine, 
but trying to run it gives the rather bizarre error message "player_example: 
file not found".  In my case, the problem turned out to be lack of a static
alsa library (the compile line was referencing /usr/lib/libasound.so as if
that were supposed to work...)

Also, 'portaudio' doesn't appear to produce a static library at all, so it
doesn't appear to be possible to get a working splayer executable on Linux
unless there is a 'hidden' way to get the portaudio distribution to build one.
("ldd: -lportaudio not found").

A listing in the FAQ somewhere that the player example absolutely must have
static versions of SDL, artsc, and libasound (and libogg/libvorbis and
whatever other libraries I've missed) might be helpful, since the example
player(s) are apparently currently the only way to examine the encoded
Ogg Theora files (MPlayer support for Ogg Theora seems to be broken by the 
addition of the theora comment in theora_decode_headers).  Having the .
configure script print a warning ("missing static version of libXXX.a") would
probably be helpful as well.

Finally, now that I've got the encoder and decoder working, I wanted to grab
something off of the Prelinger archives (so that it's redistributable) and
generate some test files from it, in hopes of documenting some of the
'mysterious' aspects of the settings (e.g. roughly what bitrate does -v 1 
equate to at 640x480x29.970 and so on?) and doing some quality comparisons
with other codecs.  There's no way my puny cablemodem can handle hosting 
the results, though, so is there a place that I could upload the test files
for others to look at?

P.S. Is it still possible that Beta 1 might become available this month?

Thanks, all.
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