archives/Re: [theora-dev] First steps towards a simple text stream format.

Sat Aug 9 16:15:08 PDT 2003

I like this and I work in a subtitle format ( I don´t have anything now, its
only a draft of desirables specifications ), But I decided to don't use
UTF8, intested, I in the work to use a type of compresed utf8 in other
words, this format is similar to utf8 in some way.
my idea:

00000000-01111111 ->englsih characters, similar to utf8
1x... -> indexed utf in a table

this save space in a subtitle in any language and isn't dificult to parse
it, in a double byte language we can save sapace using this, i don' use a
compresed all character for litle question, control of subtitle, for the
controll we use the english characterset and they are always presents.

the other part is the use of a endebed font, only the part use is coded as
png or a vectorial format, but png is more easy to parse in a low power

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