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emaillist at dogphilosophy.net emaillist at dogphilosophy.net
Mon Sep 30 23:05:11 PDT 2002

On Monday 30 September 2002 08:38 pm, Dan Miller wrote:
> pps -- thanks to emaillist at dogphilosophy.net (if that really is your name)
> for the mini-howto -- saved me plenty of time getting things to compile.  I
> ran into more or less the exact same problems.  I recompiled everything
> with --prefix=/usr and things were fine (except that player_example thing
> -- I suppose by removing -static I got it to link with some libarts .so or
> something...?)

Glad to be able to help the project in some way - I'd been impatiently 
waiting for some working code that I could play with so I could do SOMETHING
to help things along (being minimally experienced at coding - other than, say,
PHP, I can't contribute a whole lot of actual programming).  I very much
like the concept behind the Theora project (and, incidentally, very much
appreciate On2 making the VP3 codec available for it!) so now that there
is some code that I can get working on my system, anything I can reasonably
do to hasten a reasonably production-ready set of code becoming available
I'll try to do.

I figure the most useful thing I can do is test and document to make it
easier for anyone else that might be willing to test, use, and/or 
develop for Theora.  Of course, the fact that it's fun is helpful...

As to the non-static linking to libarts - if you do an 'ldd player_example' it
should show you what, if any, libraries are dynamically linked.  Before I
found out I was missing the libartsc.a, I tried something similar (I honestly
can't recall if it was omitting the -static flag or trying to explicitly
specify the libarstc.so or what it was) and also got the 'file not found'

At this point, I'm only having two problems (well, three if you count "(whine)
It's not done yet?..." )

1) Can't take a pcm/wav stream direct from a pipe 'on-the-fly' in the example
encoder.  Once that's working, it'll be easier for me to do comparisons and
tests.  (bug(?) report email to follow...)

2) The theora-dev list is too quiet :-)  Heck, as far as I can see, the
first alpha release wasn't even mentioned here.  Thank Apshai(*) for Slashdot
or it'd have been weeks before I noticed.  It's been 5 WHOLE DAYS since the
release and there hasn't even been a flamewar on here yet...

But seriously - I'm hoping Theora-related posts pick up as the project goes 
along.  Is there anywhere else where one might follow along with development 
in addition to here (IRC?  Another mailing list?)

Oh, and about the 'emaillist' name - it's the alias I've set up specifically
for, well, email lists.  That way if I start getting spam on it I can delete 
it and change it easily enough (and I'll know the address got harvested from
an email list rather than, say, a web page or private email...).

(*) - Invoking the ancient Egyptian god of 'bugs' seemed appropriate for
an alpha-version development project...though as yet I've only found ONE
thing that MIGHT be a bug (or might simply be something
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