[theora-dev] VP3 Compressor Settings

Oliver Darvall oliver at cura.co.za
Tue Sep 10 02:16:07 PDT 2002

Hi Guys,

I was wondering what the idea behind the "Key Frame" settings are in the VP3
codec settings. As far as I could ascertain (from browsing through the
source code) the VP3 codec ignores the lpbiPrev and lpPrev members of the
ICCOMPRESS structure.

My conclusion is thus that each frame passed to the codec is compressed
individually and that the redundant information based upon previous frames
is not relevant to this codec (i.e. the codec does frame for frame
compression much like a Wavelet compressor and not like an Mpeg base

Is my assumptions at least correct ? Because it does not seem that any
changes to the Key Frame settings, or specifying previous frame, etc has any
influence on the resultant frame sizes. The only setting that does seem to
make a big difference is the BitRate and Quality settings (obviously).


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