[theora-dev] Setting up VC6 to build VP3 source

Tabuleiro beta at tabuleiro.com
Thu Sep 5 13:25:02 PDT 2002

I could not find this info on another place, hope it helps people in the
future when trying to build the VP32 source on Windows. I could do this
easily with my old developer box, but I have just reinstalled a new system
from the start and the build was failing with a basic VC install.
So starting with a clear installation of Visual C++ 6 you will need some
extra bits:

a) Visual C++ Service pack 5, available at msdn.microsoft.com.
b) Visual C++ processor pack, which contains the MASM assembler tool. Get it
from  http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/downloads/ppack/download.asp
c) Intel's Macropack include file (iaxmm.inc). Get it at

Install them in this order. The iaxmm.inc file can be copied to VC include
directory. I wonder if you guys are building it wieh VC .Net? Not that I am
eager to install it, but in the future MS will probably discontinue support
for VC6.

Now on to my Code Warrior builds on MacOS9 and OSX, starting with a clean
installation. I will report to the list if there are any obvious steps
missing or dependancies that need to be installed. Which version of CW are
you guys using now? I could build it with CW7, but it is a bit buggy to
debug on MacOSX. Should I use CW8?

Mauricio Piacentini

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