[theora-dev] Seperating Forground from Background

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Sun Sep 1 16:48:22 PDT 2002

On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, Henry Mason  wrote:

> This is actually one of the things very new codecs like RealVideo 9 do
> (http://www.realnetworks.com/solutions/leadership/realvideo.html).  In
> tests, RV9 has been shown to somehow detect what part of frame is out of
> focus, and apply more compression to that part of the frame. The result

Ah, but what if both the foreground and the background are in focus and to 
make matters worse the background is busy.  I have encoded quite a few 
videos like this.  Often they are from a concert recorded in a park or 
some building next to a busy street, with several dancers, and all 
the music equipment in the background.  Nothing is really out of focus in 
these shots.

> is that the information that the viewer is really looking at looks
> better, sometimes a great deal so. There's a nice comparison of
> RealVideo 9 to MPEG-4-based codecs here:
> http://www.doom9.org/codec3-2.htm . One thing commented on a lot in that
> article is how the foreground content tends to look much better with RV9
> than it does with MPEG-4.


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