[theora-dev] Analogue artifact estimation

jbradford at dial.pipex.com jbradford at dial.pipex.com
Sun Sep 1 11:52:54 PDT 2002

> Interestingly, most of this work tracks what is already done in audio; for
> some reason, the video crowd has shied away from any serious psycho-visual
> approach to compression.

This might be a bit of a dumb question, but is there any parallel in video with the effect that you get with audio, that information that cannot be directly perceived alters something that you can perceive?

There is an interesting bit in this article:


where he talks about restoring some of the sound that wasn't directly recorded in the soundtrack of "The Wizard of Oz".  Is this at all applicable to video in any way?

Also, am I alone in finding that watching video with one eye shut allows much better 3d perception of a 2d display, because you're getting your Z-axis info from the subject matter, instead of having both eyes tell you, "it's flat"?

> We may even want to set up a separate discussion group,
> theora-encoder at xiph.org say, to focus on the issues of encoder quality as
> opposed to the more general task of defining the bitstream (in MPEG-land,
> this distinction is referred to as 'normative' vs. 'non-normative' work;
> normative meaning anything that affects the bitstream definition.)
> Please respond with your level of interest in this subject so we can
> calibrate the level of support we might have for such a project.

Sounds interesting to me, but I'll admit straight away that my knowledge in this field is quite limited, so I can't really contribute much to it.

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