[theora-dev] Thanks again - request for info

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Thu Sep 26 16:53:27 PDT 2002

On Thursday 26 September 2002 03:13 pm, Monty wrote:
> If you build a package by hand, /usr/local/... is the default
> installation for install.  you need --prefix=/usr when configuring.

Yeah, that's what caused me to run into this type of problem a few
months ago - I just thought I'd already cleaned up all traces of having
done that before.  Guess not...

> No, it's not. You need the static libarts, not the dynamic one (the
> player, by default, is linking statically).

Thanks, that was it exactly.  I managed to pick up on that after stubbornly
continuing to try to figure out what I was doing wrong after sending my last

Is the theora release's version of VP3 subject to any particular 'format'
restrictions, such as being limited to a particular set of framerates,
bitrates, frame sizes, or whatever?  I assume the example encoder takes its 
settings (framerate, size) from the incoming yuv4mpeg stream?  

Presuming I can get things worked out, would it be helpful for me to post
a sort of micro-howto?

And, yet again, thanks!
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