[theora-dev] Specific code questions

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Mon Sep 16 08:37:41 PDT 2002

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        From: Monty [mailto:xiphmont at xiph.org] 
	>I also apologize for doing some amount of thinking aloud as I put
        nitty-gritty into place.  VP3 is clearly defined as a big-endian codec
        with MSb-first packing, and that is a sensible choice (makes fast
        huffman decode easier).  
        well, on a big-endian machine I guess.  Take a look at "Read32FromBuffer" -- another curious specimen.  Obvious room for optimization -- like if we know we're little endian, just read a long!
        In defense of the architects, Vp3 was originally designed as a low-bitrate codec.
	>Vorbis II and future Ogg still will be
        MSb-first... so I think I'll just add that option to the Ogg bitpacker
        now and let Theora use it.  It will simplify packet buffer management.
        This sounds fine.  Alternatively, we could change the VP3 bitstream to little-endian, but if you don't mind fixing Ogg to support msb streams this seems like the best choice.
        My engineers confirmed that (paraphrasing Groucho Marx) yes, we have no buffer overflow management.
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