[theora-dev] Can't find the setup code

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Mon Sep 16 02:05:11 PDT 2002

Well, I've been slamming my head against this all night, so it's time
to ask for help...

Having gotten together a reasonably decent port of what I thought was
the whole API to the Ogg Way, complete with Ogg mem management and
bitpacking, I started digging deeper in the code... only to find that
it looks like I only have a middle stream handler.  The encode and decode
code both assume that everything is magically initialized; encode
writes no header or codec-specifics setup, and decode seems to want
everything preparsed and setup so that it can launch into the first
video packet.

I can't find anything that does header parsing, format identification,
initial stream setup, etc...  every time I think I found what I was
looking for... nope, it sucks in a prepopulated stream specification
of some sort.

Can Dan or someone else point me to where the very first stages of
writing out the stream / reading in the stream really are?

[Too fried to continue tonight; this was the brick that finally did me
in.  I can barely focus on the text]


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