[theora-dev] Specific code questions

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Sat Sep 14 14:22:02 PDT 2002

I haven't actually had many questions up to now.  Despite the
all-encompassing CP_INSTANCE monolith, things have been relatively
easy going.  Now we get into real grit:

First off, CBitman looks like it has endianness issues; it's packing
into host-order 32 bit arrays (the comments and symbol names seem to
indicate that this was originally byte-based packing code that got
upped to 32 bit.  Either that or someone is a bit confused about a
byte being 32 bits...)

Whose responsibility is it to flip bytes before putting out a stream?
Is native order big or little endian?  I'm seriously considering
tossing Ogg's bitpacker into the codec as it has defined endianness
behavior and is already used throughout Ogg (the API is very similar).

Also, this is probably my own confusion, but is it really the case
that the encoder app has to guess about packet size and just hope the
output buffer doesn't overflow?  The Ogg bitpacker would eliminate
this problem as well.


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