[theora-dev] Limiting bandwidth to around max. 8k per second - possible? UPDATE

Thomas Tomiczek t.tomiczek at thona-consulting.com
Wed Sep 4 07:50:14 PDT 2002

Ok, we got it working with 176x144 resolution.

The following string produced an image that was not falling behind too
much for too long - basically a little when it was getting TONS of
movement, and then catching up fast.
"65 58 110 0 1 1 90 8 120 1 1 "

Now, we need to get this working on a 320x240 resolution, too (as sadly
VP3 does not support 160x120. Seems to be a little senseless, though.
Whatever we do, we dont get the bandwidth down enough. Now, we need one
of the "standard resolutions" (160x120 or multiples) for some cameras
here to work.

Any hint?

Thomas Tomiczek
THONA Consulting Ltd.
(Microsoft MVP C#/.NET)

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possible? Working?

I am using the latest binary download from vp32.com, just as a starter. 
We try using the VP32 codec in a video conferencing application,
replacing Intel indeo for obvious reasons. I must note that I have
considered contacting ON2 for a license of the VP5 codec, but after
sending emails for amore than a week and never getting back calls after
they were announced, and after not reaching anyone early in the office
there (and I have a substantial time difference), I have decided that we
will not license anything for the time being. Dan, you might take this
as a hint - have someone contact us with an OFFER and have him behave
like a professional, and you might make a sale for our 1.2 or 1.3
release in Q1.
Now, our problem is that our video conference runs on2 ISDN lines. I
have a bandwidth of around 9k per second. Not more, and low latency.
Worked flawless with Intel Indeo :-)
We are currently playing around with the bandwidth in the "encoded
registry string", and the string we use right now is 
        "50 5 30 0 1 1 60 30 300 2 2 " 
The first number is meant to be the target b nadwidth, right? I tried it
with 80, then wend down and down. 
Till now, we have the problem that we are falling behind. Substantially.
Nothing seems to be able to change this. Now, for a short moment that is
not a problem - we run a .3 second delay. But we are CONSTANTLY
generating WAY too much data.
Any hint here? Might be the first big size project that you guys can
take officially as a reference, but not if we have to stay with Intel
Indeo because it does not work.
Thomas Tomiczek 
THONA Consulting Ltd. 
(Microsoft MVP C#/.NET) 
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