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Christian HJ Wiesner christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Tue Nov 12 12:04:41 PST 2002

<"Dan Miller" <dan at on2.com> wrote in message
news:<20021112160452.82C3E53298A at motherfish-II.xiph.org>...
<My concern is primarly the 'marketing' aspect.  If UCI, or MCF, or any
other interface, is adopted by the toolmakers, then that's a perfectly good

<p>There is always the same question, whats first : Egg or chicken ?

UCI is currently the only attempt ( at least to my knowledge ) to replace
VfW and ACM with a new, modern opensource solution that can cope with the
demans of modern video and audio codecs. If all codec developer waits with
supporting it until all the others do, we all will wait forever. If Vorbis,
Theora and XviD had an UCI interface, what developer of encoding tools could
afford to hesitate suporting it ?



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