[theora-dev] Multiplexed Ogg and header problems.

Alejandro G. Belluscio baldusi at uol.com.ar
Sat Nov 9 09:29:46 PST 2002

Hello Dan,
  I've been thinking a bit about this. And may be we could come up
  with an XML based definition for this things. Each stream should be
  identified by it's serial number and have a description of it's
  type. We then encapsulate this in an ogg file and concatenate it
  _before_ the multiplexed file. It's kind of custom header file. Is
  this too much against the idea of ogg encapsulating?

Alejandro Belluscio

Friday, November 08, 2002, 4:33:51 PM, you wrote:
DM> good question. We have this functionality in our On2 server
DM> platform (TrueCast). It works great for limited/variable bandwidth
DM> situations ie internet at say 150 - 400 kbits/sec. Would love to
DM> see this in OGG.

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DM> From:   Alejandro G. Belluscio [mailto:baldusi at uol.com.ar]
DM>   I there was a discussion on the vorbis list about Real Audio
DM>   SureStream (tm) format. The basic idea was that they put multiple RA
DM>   files with different compression levels. So when they have to switch
DM>   the bit rate due to bandwidth changes, they choose from the streams
DM>   they have. Since peeling is a long time away, it could be implemented
DM>   with ogg vorbis multiplexing several times the same file with
DM>   different compression levels. My question (and I think Monty can
DM>   answer it) is how should the the presence of multiple concurrent
DM>   vorbis streams be handled. Because if you have multiple audio tracks
DM>   for a movie, or you have multiple compression rates it's very similar.
DM>   The only problem seems to identify what's each of those streams for.
DM>   In other word, how should I know that stream A is Swahili and stream B
DM>   is Speranto, or that stream A is the -q3 compressed and Stream B is
DM>   the -q1 compressed?

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