[theora-dev] Alpha Two? (Impatient fan seeks news)

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Sun Dec 1 12:59:42 PST 2002

Monty has the final word, but my understanding is that A2 is still slated for Q4, meaning sometime in December.

As for features etc., again Monty will need to chime in here.  The one feature I've been involved in that I think is very exciting involves incorporating a Vorbis-like ability to put important global stream information into the Ogg stream header.  This will be as revolutionary for video as it was for audio, and will allow us to make major improvements to the encoders over time without worrying about player updates and bitstream incompatibilities.  Very cool!

Thanks for the enthusiasm -- help is on the way.

- dbm

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According to THIS:


"Alpha Two is due out on December 1st"

And according to THIS:


"we've already got some fantastic plans for Theora Alpha Two."

Believe it or not, I'm actually restraining myself from jumping
up and down yelling "where is it!?!  where is it?!?"...but I DID
want to ask - what are the plans, in terms of features and code
changes, for Alpha Two, and how (in a more general sense) is
development going on it?  IS development going on it?  (CVS
hasn't been updated since alpha one...)

At what point will development reach a point where contributions
from "outside" will be helpful?

Would it be useful or helpful if someone started up a "Theora Traffic" 
page to spread development news?  (And, yes, I AM volunteering, if anyone's

My ability to contribute code to the project is limited (I'm competent
enough to "tweak" other people's code, but not good enough with C to 
add new features wholesale), but I'm quite willing (and as readers of
this list probably know by now, downright eager) to contribute what
I can (e.g. documentation, such as:


as well as testing, and relatively minor coding updates, e.g. tweaks to
error messages and options, creation of "example files" [encoded examples,
etc.] )

Any news?
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