[theora-dev] VP3 Patch For xine

Mike Melanson melanson at pcisys.net
Tue Aug 6 21:37:37 PDT 2002

        Since a number of people are eager to try out the native VP3
decoder in xine, I have made a patch available, bz2-compressed:

To work with this patch:

1) Get the latest xine-lib from CVS. Visit this page for more details:
The module name is xine-lib, but you will also need to get xine-ui if this
is your first time using xine.

2) Download the patch and run it through bunzip2.

3) Change directory into xine-lib/ .

4) Run 'patch -p1 < /path/to/xine-vp3-decoder-patch'.

5) Run './cvscompile.sh' in xine-lib (do this even if you already have
xine-lib on your machine and have compiled it; it needs to generate a new

6) 'make all install'

7) Make and install xine-ui if you don't already have it.

8) Run 'xine <file-encoded-with-vp3.ext>' and press the play button.

        When you are ready to get peruse the VP3 plugin source code, look
in xine-lib/src/libxinevdec/. There is a vp3/ subdirectory with the source
code lifted from On2's source snapshot (circa December, 2001, I
believe). There is also a vp3.c file in this directory which serves as the
glue code between the VP3 lib and xine's plugin architecture. It also
contains one more function lifted from On2's source: StartDecoder().

        I have also posted my incomplete VP3 notes on my codec site for
anyone who it interested:

        Have fun...

	-Mike Melanson

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