[Speex-dev] Status of speexdsp?

kraileth at elderlinux.org kraileth at elderlinux.org
Wed Jan 3 09:23:35 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

while I've been a user of both Vorbis and Speex since about 2005, this  
is the first time I write to the dev mailing list. I created ports for  
both SpeexDSP and Speex for Ravenports and have a question regarding  
the status of SpeexDSP.

Ravenports is a new universal package building system for *nix systems  
that supports Linux, FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD and Solaris (with more  
platforms planned for later). It follows the philosophy of doing  
things right and has a few rules that are a bit more strict than a lot  
of packaging guidelines. One of them is "no release candidates" and  
another is "communicate with upstream".

For SpeexDSP the former is a problem since there has never been a  
formal release. My understanding is that release candidates mark the  
end of the beta phase of a software. They are released when the  
developers are generally confident in their work and just want to give  
the general public a last chance of finding any bugs left over before  
making the actual release that may need to be supported for a long time.

Is there any technical reason why SpeexDSP never saw an official  
release (which makes the project look abandoned at first glace)? It's  
been three years since rc3 was released and that has been in  
widespread use since then. Since there has not happened much in the  
source repo, what are the chances of releasing what was rc3 or the  
current head as 1.2.0?

I'd also like to thank everybody involved in the project for their  
time and effort. Speex has been a very useful codec for me for a long  
time now.


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