[Speex-dev] Reducing volume problem after aec and preprocessing

서재필 sjp6107 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 9 21:56:36 PDT 2014

Hello, I'm from Korea and I'm trying to implement realtime AEC with 2 computers and using speex.
Actually , It works well with 2 computers and they are communicating.(It looks like double-talk but actually one aec and preprocessing algorithm is running in each computer)
Anyway the problem is after processing(I'm using aec and preprocessing for noise suppression), the output signal's amplitude is reduced. In otherwords, output volume is reduced. I don't know why. 
I experimented like just using aec without preprocessing and just using preprocessing without aec, but output amplitude didn't seem to be reduced.
And I also tried with wave file instead of realtime, but it wasn't reduced.
Just when I'm using both aec and preprocessing on realtime, it was reduced.
Do you have any idea about that? Some times It isn't reduced when it doesn't work well(In this time I can hear my voice a little bit from my earphone).
I thought most reasoon is because of realtime situation. Please help me and give me some hint. 
Thanks a lot.
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