[Speex-dev] Jitter Buffer beginner question.

Ciro Ferraiuolo ciro.ciro at libero.it
Thu Aug 7 13:02:24 PDT 2014

Hi, I've a couple of questions about the jitterbuffer. First of all, I'm a
bit confused about the code to use. Googling the subject I've find that
there are, or there were, two jitter buffers, a generic one and a
speex-specific one, is this still true or they've been joined?
Downloading the 1.2rc1 source code there's no trace of the SpeexJitter
structure and wrapper functions included in the speex_jitter_buffer.h /
speex_jitter_buffer.c, are these files obsolete? Do I have to directly use
the functions that start with jitter_buffer_?
The second question is related to the timestamp and the packet span. I'd
use with nb decoder 160 for the span but, what about the timestamps?
Somewhere I've read that the timespan increments are meant to be in
milliseconds, so I should increase the timestamp value of each packet
increseing it by 20 ? Or by 160?
Thanks, Ciro.
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