[Speex-dev] using unsigned short instead of short for input frame

Mashal al-shboul shboul8989 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 08:36:05 PST 2012

Thanks for your appreciated help.
i found casting fromunsigned short to short gives different value: unsigned short FFFF=65535 where short FFFF= -1.
however, can i configure speex codec (specifically speex_encode_int function) to take input of type unsigned short instead of short so that i avoid casting errors ?


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uint16_t is usually a typedef of an unsigned short or int depending of the platform. It is supposed to work. About unsigned short to short conversion it is normal since unsigned short starts at 0 and short starts at -((2^16)/2)-1 [-32767]. If you really want to keep the same numeric value you could cast the short to unsigned int (32bytes) and add 32767 to the value. 

On 12-03-09 02:59 AM, Mashal al-shboul wrote: 
Hi Speex Experts,Thanks for this great mailing list.
>     i want to compress a frame of(uint16_t) audio samples, i found that speex codec assumes input frame of type short. fortunately,both data types are of  2-bytes , so my questions :
>- can i cast data types for input to speex?, if so,can i cast uint16_t to unsigned short and still be accepted by speex ? ,
>because i found converting from uint16_t to short does completely change the values of the samples(unsigned to signed !).
>Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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