[Speex-dev] High CPU usage

Tanmay Ambre ambre.tanmay at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 03:01:52 PDT 2012

Mark Schilling <mark_schilling <at> gmx.de> writes:

> Hi Jozsef,
> this approach sounds interesting.
> Do have you have some source code available ?
> Thanks
> Mark
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> I have run into the same issue. Before sending a frame to encoder, I calculate 
the energy. If it is less than a
> small threshold, I simply replace this frame with "silence frame," which is 
320 random samples of values
> smaller than 3 (16 kHz).
> BTW, I have only experience this problem with certain USB headsets that 
provide you all 0 samples when muted.
> Jozsef
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I am having a similar problem. Definitely when some head phones are muted I get

high CPU usage. Also it seems on some older machines using Pentium 4 the CPU 
usage is very high. 

Does compiling speex API with DISABLE_FLOAT_API and DISABLE_VBR solve the 


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