[Speex-dev] When to call jitter_buffer_get_another?

Luke Walker luke_walker at junglecat.org
Sat Jan 7 14:05:43 PST 2012

Hi,I'm using the JitterBuffer for a VoIP type situation. A requirement is that I put/get to/from the jitter buffer for every frame. For example if the frames per buffer are 320 as with low-band PCM then I'm required to call put/get 320 times respectively. The problem is I'm not certain when to call jitter_buffer_get vs. jitter_buffer_get_another. I'm assuming I'd want to first call jitter_buffer_get and then call jitter_buffer_get_another 319 times. How do I determine when to call jitter_buffer_get_another? I somehow would need to know that the timestamp hasn't changed or is about to change.Thanks!  		 	   		  

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