[Speex-dev] jitter buffer

lucape at inwind.it lucape at inwind.it
Tue May 11 03:09:56 PDT 2010


I'm deploying a voip client. But the audio quality is pure so i've introduced 
a jitter buffer.

To transmitt packet i use RTP, timestamp unit is 1/8000 e time stamp increment 
is 160 (20 msec, 160 sample per frame).

If i run my project with jitter buffer it lost a big % of packet. 
jitter_buffer_get return 0 but the payload lenght of the jitter buffer packet 
= 0.
I test my application over cross cable ethernet. In my opinion the network 
can't loss packet so i think is the jitter buffer that delete packet.

Anyone can help me to configure correctly  the jitter buffer? Now i've init 
step = 160 and span = 160.
how do i've to configure margin, step delay etc etc.....



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