[Speex-dev] about speex source

Divinus divinus at yandex.ru
Sun Dec 12 06:26:16 PST 2010

Hi, my name is Roman.
I am developing a client for voice communication on the Internet.
I write in the language of actionscript 3 (flash)
I have big problems with echo cancellation.
decided to use your implementation of MDF algorithm
example using the algorithm took the class testecho.k
All written but faced with the problem.
for data transmission of sound files you use (FILE * echo_fd, * ref_fd, * e_fd;).
can you give me a description of these files?
I think that echo_fd - data from a microphone, ref_fd - data that is sent to the playback, e_fd - the result of the data without echo.
If all this is true, you want to know how these files are complete and how much data it should contain.
Should I synchronize the data from a microphone, and data for playback?
and sorry for my English :)

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