[Speex-dev] Multichannel echo cancellation

David Conejero Olesti aldacon7 at yahoo.es
Thu Oct 30 04:27:11 PDT 2008

Dear all,

I have just implemented a gstreamer plugin for the Speex AEC,
but now I would like to extend it to a multichannel echo cancellation
I have been searching documentation about that but I could not find it

Where it is? If it doesn't exist? Could you add a short example showing
how do you think it should work?

or It's "just" necessary to:

init  the multichannel echo cancellation state,
init the decorrelation state

decorrelate the far-end signal
apply cancellation (the same way it is applied to a single channel)

destroy the decorrelation state
destroy  the multichannel echo canceller state,

Best regards


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