[Speex-dev] Generating 1.2rc1 DLLs with MSVC 2005

Emanuel Aguilera Martí emaguimar at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 27 11:01:29 PDT 2008

Dear all,
In the download section of the Speex web site, you can find the Windows DLLs until the 1.2beta2 version, but for the newest version 1.2rc1 there aren’t any available.
Therefore, I’m trying to generate the Windows DLLs for the 1.2rc1 version using the MSVC 2005 project files available in the source code.
After a lot of problems, finally I have generated the DLLs. However there is a strange dependence in this DLLs that does not allow to use it in a PC where MSVC is not installed. I think the problem is that the DLLs that I’m generating depends on MSVCR80D.DLL but the DLLs from Speex web site doesn’t depend on it.
In the author’s info file, there is a mention to the author of the MSVC project files (John Francis Edwards), but his email is omitted.
Please, if John or others can give me an advice about the correct configuration of the MSVC tools in order to generate the DLLs in the same way as 1.2beta I will be gratefully.
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